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Vocational Issues in Social Security Disability

There are two general vocational issues in a Social Security disability case. A Chambersburg disability lawyer can help you understand and evaluate these issues in your case. These issues are:

Physical and mental demands of your past relevant work as you actually performed it

You can probably address this issue without a vocational expert (VE). You can testify regarding your past work to determine the skill level and physical demands that you actually performed.

However, if a VE is at the hearing, the judge will likely ask the VE to describe your past relevant work. A VE may testify as an expert regarding the physical and mental demands of your past relevant work, either as you actually performed it or as generally performed in the national economy. This testimony may supplement or contradict your own description of your past work.

Physical and mental demands of your past relevant work as generally required in the national economy

This issue may arise if you are unable to perform any prior job as you actually performed it, but you had a prior job that involved physical and mental demands and duties that were significantly greater than those generally required for that job in the national economy. Again, a VE may be able to testify about this.

The SSA will find you not disabled if you are still able to do your prior job as usually required by employers in the national economy.

To help you prepare for a Social Security disability hearing most effectively, contact an experienced Chambersburg disability lawyer.