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Attorney Involvement With Social Security Claims

Success in applying for Social Security benefits depends on a multitude of factors and many qualified applicants are denied after their initial attempt. A denial can be frustrating and disheartening, but we hope to reassure you that the initial denial is just the first step. A Chambersburg disability lawyer can help you prepare for your appeal and present a finely-tuned argument to the Social Security Administration explaining why you should receive Social Security benefits.

Retaining a lawyer is not always necessary in the beginning of Social Security applications. In fact, the Social Security Administration makes it difficult for a legal representative to be involved in the process in the preliminary stages. We advise our clients to wait to request our assistance until after the first denial. More than one-third of all applications are approved after the first attempt and we look forward to that outcome for you. However, we realize that two-thirds of all applications are rejected and we are here to help you with your appeal as soon as necessary.

After the initial denial, the case enters what is known as the “reconsideration” stage. This involves the applicant’s resubmission of his claim along with the contention that the decision was incorrect and should be reconsidered by the Administration. While it is possible to involve an attorney at this point, this phase typically involves self-explanatory paperwork and applicants are better off saving their attorney’s fees until the reconsideration is denied and the case enters the appeals process.

Once an appeal is necessary, a Chambersburg disability lawyer is better able to help claimants evaluate and advocate their cases to help receive the best possible outcome. One important evaluation factor involves whether the claimant is likely to be disabled for 12 months or more, a prerequisite to receiving disability benefits.

If you were recently denied disability benefits and would like a Chambersburg disability lawyer to review your claim, contact Black & Davison today. After gathering your medical records and history, we can help you determine the likelihood of success on your case and hopefully move forward with the appeals process.