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Direct Deposit of Social Security Disability Check

Procuring social security benefits can be very complex and confusing. Many claimants are unsure whether to sign up for direct deposit of benefits or if they should receive funds the old-fashioned way. One particular issue with direct deposit regards the disbursement of what is known as “back benefits” during a pending Social Security hearing. Back benefits are those which the claimant would have been entitled to if the application for benefits was awarded initially. Claimants having to endure a hearing have already been denied benefits twice through an initial filing and then the “reconsideration” process. The question you may have for your Chambersburg Social Security disability attorney is whether back benefits, which can be very substantial, will be disbursed by direct deposit or paper check.

Problems abound with direct deposit of past-due benefits. For instance, the Social Security Administration often requires applicants to provide direct deposit information when initially applying for benefits the first time. Applicants may check the mail for back benefits unaware that funds have been disbursed into their checking account already. In addition, back benefits can take a long time to disburse and some claimants may have actually closed the account they originally provided. In this situation, the SSA will work with the claimant to straighten out the confusion but the process could take months.

As a Chambersburg Social Security disability attorney will explain, you should deposit your back benefits check in an interest-bearing account and hold it until you receive your official Notice of Award. At that time, your attorney will check the amount for accuracy and will ensure you have not been over or under-paid.

It is likely you have more questions about the direct deposit experience with regard to Social Security disability benefits. Feel free to contact Black & Davison today with your concerns and we will be happy to provide you with a knowledgeable and qualified Chambersburg Social Security disability attorney. Give us a call today.